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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

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    Maybe we can bring back the light.
    So, I'm studiously working my way through the many enjoyable entries Psychomachia posted in October, as they contain a wealth of videos, music, and horror movies that I might want to look up.

    Some recommendations of my own: If you want a Lovecraftian non-Lovecraft story, look no farther than "Teeth" by Matt Cardin. It appears in the collection "Children of Cthulhu" as well as in a collection of Cardin's works called "Dark Awakenings." Sadly, I couldn't find a copy available online.

    As far as movies go, I cannot say that I've recently seen anything spectacular that isn't something I either recommended before or isn't mentioned over at Psychomachia's journal, but "Carnival of Souls" was enjoyable. It is something I caught on cable while stuck in a hotel a while back and the makers did a good job on a tight budget, even if the twist is foreseeable.
    In it a woman is essentially unable to avoid a mysterious carnival. There's more to it, of course, but I'm aiming for minimal spoilers.
    You can watch the whole thing here:

    Also, it amuses me that Lovecraft is now mainstream enough to see this made:

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